“Readers haven’t lost interest in paper and ink.”

Readers haven’t lost interest in paper and ink. Instead, they’ve been pushed away by newspapers that take every opportunity to drive them online and continue to downgrade their formats and paper quality. From an article in Monocle (issue 78, volume 08, November 2014) by editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, in which he writes a manifestoContinue reading ““Readers haven’t lost interest in paper and ink.””

“I’m here to work, not to pick up girls.”

Gruneberg asked for a position as the club’s swimming instructor, to which Voyenne gleefully produced a picture of four beautiful women clad in swimsuits. “What do you think?” he asked. “I’m here to work, not to pick up girls,” replied Gruenberg—and with that he had passed the test. From an article in Monocle magazine’s MediterraneoContinue reading ““I’m here to work, not to pick up girls.””

“Unpainted Wooden Toys”

“I came from an ‘unpainted wooden toys’ kind of family. We had Legos and board games. But the best was when we made stuff up ourselves, constructing forts, recording radio shows, and putting on plays. Working together to build something was magical.” Entrepreneur and co-founder of Flickr and Hunch Caterina Fake, quoted in Inc magazineContinue reading ““Unpainted Wooden Toys””

Spite and malice, Siouxsie-style

INTERVIEWER In the last ten years of your existence, you’ve had to endure a lot of criticism. How do you deal with that? Is it something you learned to live with? SIOUXSIE No, I think partly why we’ve lasted for ten years is pure spite. If you think about being a better adversary than yourContinue reading “Spite and malice, Siouxsie-style”

Exploiting Other People’s Pain and Suffering

“Well, part of me says, ‘I don’t care.’  This is a moral issue.  If you have people working for you who cannot make enough money to live on, you don’t have much of a business plan.  Your business is really exploiting other people’s pain and suffering.” Writer and columnist Barbara Ehrenreich, quoted in Time magazineContinue reading “Exploiting Other People’s Pain and Suffering”

“We need brave, courageous figures.”

In the winter season 2013/2014 edition of Monocle Alpino (#8), Monocle senior editor Sophie Grove had this to say about the nature of the explorers who attempt to climb Mt. Everest, against treacherous odds and conditions, despite the fact it’s been done a great number of times: Perhaps this is to do with our respectContinue reading ““We need brave, courageous figures.””