Eurovision Song Contest 2011

I never did post my choices for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest to my blog, only my Twitter account, and then only my top 5 (instead of my usual 10), so here they are: Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 Switzerland “In Love for a While”, Anna Rossinelli 25 2 Serbia “Čaroban”, NinaContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 2011”

The variety in pop music on Egyptian radio

I have begun working on an Arabic-style pop song–I wanted to write something not too traditional but not too Western-sounding, either.  I began by looking at Middle Eastern scales; not microtonal ones, but ones like the Phrygian dominant (e.g., C Db E F G Ab Bb C), similar to the Hijaz-Nahawand maqam in Arabic music.  I then wentContinue reading “The variety in pop music on Egyptian radio”