The Scarf and The Noose

Unlike the previous three stories, I did not try to turn this one around in 24 hours. The Scarf and The Noose ©2020, Joseph L. Thornburg. All Rights Reserved. (contains violence, mild language) DRAMATIS PERSONAE Benjy Baxter and Caesar Campbell co-owners of BaxCam Coffees Maury and Maureen Basil co-owners of Java Juggernaut and Java GymContinue reading “The Scarf and The Noose”

2 Victims, 1 Shot

I decided to try writing a murder mystery in one day again. The first one is here. 2 Victims, 1 Shot ©2020, Joseph L. Thornburg. All Rights Reserved. (contains violence) “Champagne?” Mr. Campbell didn’t wait for a response and handed the glass to the man who’d just entered. “Thank you. I’m Collops Pancetta. I runContinue reading “2 Victims, 1 Shot”

The Costume Party Murder

Just for the heck of it, I challenged myself to write a whodunit murder mystery in one day. Here is the result; enjoy! The Costume Party Murder ©2020, Joseph L. Thornburg. All Rights Reserved. (contains violence, mature language) “Come in, darling!” said Mrs. Ringer. It was fortunate she had large French doors, for Mrs. LucasContinue reading “The Costume Party Murder”