Haruka Matsumoto will appear on NHK World!

I just received the following email: Dear Haruka Matsumoto, Thank you for sending in your video to “We Love Japanese Songs! 2013”. Your signing was so impressive that we decided to show it in our show! You can watch it on January 2nd (Wed) @ 2:10, 6:10, 10:10, 13:10, 17:10, 21:10 (UTC) on NHK World.Continue reading “Haruka Matsumoto will appear on NHK World!”

“Unbounded imagination and invention on display.”

I quote the following review of Super Mario Galaxy by Thomas L. McDonald, from the May 2008 issue of Games magazine, because it explains why I prefer games like the Mario Kart series, the Bit Generations series, Theta, Electroplankton, and Ninja Town. The quotation below is a slightly different version I found online than whatContinue reading ““Unbounded imagination and invention on display.””