Eurovision Song Contest 1967

My plan for watching every Eurovision Song Contest was to start at 1980 (because I had seen 1977-1979 while living in England), work my way forward to 2010 (because I began watching Eurovision again in 2011), go back and review 1977-1979, then work my way backwards to the first contest in 1956. However, yesterday IContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1967”

I’m 10 weeks old–on Pluto!

To celebrate completing my 48th revolution around the sun, I had to geek out and figure out how old I’d be on the other planets in our solar system. Mercury 199 years (I would be both dead and sunburned to a crisp!) Venus 78 years (enjoying my senior discount!) Mars 25 years (old enough toContinue reading “I’m 10 weeks old–on Pluto!”

Memory of a sci-fi film strip

When I was in middle school (late 70s), my class watched a series of film strips about the science fiction genre. Two strips discussed the genre in general, one was a reading of Ray Bradbury’s “Night Meeting” with original artwork (kind of psychedelic), and one was a reading of the first chapter of Aldous Huxley’sContinue reading “Memory of a sci-fi film strip”