Haruka Matsumoto makes her debut on NHK World!

Out of over 200 videos received from 36 countries and territories, Jogovision Song Contest 2011 winner Haruka Matsumoto’s video for her song, “Kanashii Uta” (A Sad Song), was one of about twenty featured on NHK World’s We Love Japanese Songs! 2013 program! And as far as I could tell, Haruka’s was the only original songContinue reading “Haruka Matsumoto makes her debut on NHK World!”

Haruka Matsumoto competes at NHK!!

Very exciting news here, folks! About a week ago I submitted a new music video for an NHK contest featuring my character “Haruka Matsumoto”. I came home tonight and found out it’s been accepted! Haruka’s song “Kanashii Uta” (A Sad Song) is competing in NHK’s “We Love Japanese Songs!” Haruka was the winner of TheContinue reading “Haruka Matsumoto competes at NHK!!”

Yohji Yamamoto’s Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Collection

There are some great pieces in this collection; love the asymmetrical necklines and billowy fabrics.  They look like they’d be very comfortable on a hot day.  Great idea for makeup, too!  My favorite pieces are: 1:30 pants 1:45 pants 2:40 jacket 6:24 shirt (love the “partially tucked in” look, though it may just be drapedContinue reading “Yohji Yamamoto’s Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Collection”

“Machine Civilization” by World Order

Music video from World Order (led by former martial artist Genki Sudō) entitled “Machine Civilization” with some cool and quirky choreography. It’s especially funny that nobody in the airport told the passengers and workers to either avoid the area or to ignore the dancers and cameras. I dig the crisp cinematography and location shooting; theyContinue reading ““Machine Civilization” by World Order”