Eurovision Song Contest 1969

Here are my choices for best songs at the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, which I watched with @Dixenborg and @Eurovisually; I’d heard the four winners before but not the other songs. My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 France “Un jour, un enfant”, Frida Boccara 1 (tie) 2 Switzerland “Bonjour, bonjour”, Paola DelContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1969”

Eurovision Song Contest 1967

My plan for watching every Eurovision Song Contest was to start at 1980 (because I had seen 1977-1979 while living in England), work my way forward to 2010 (because I began watching Eurovision again in 2011), go back and review 1977-1979, then work my way backwards to the first contest in 1956. However, yesterday IContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1967”

“I’m here to work, not to pick up girls.”

Gruneberg asked for a position as the club’s swimming instructor, to which Voyenne gleefully produced a picture of four beautiful women clad in swimsuits. “What do you think?” he asked. “I’m here to work, not to pick up girls,” replied Gruenberg—and with that he had passed the test. From an article in Monocle magazine’s MediterraneoContinue reading ““I’m here to work, not to pick up girls.””

“Unpainted Wooden Toys”

“I came from an ‘unpainted wooden toys’ kind of family. We had Legos and board games. But the best was when we made stuff up ourselves, constructing forts, recording radio shows, and putting on plays. Working together to build something was magical.” Entrepreneur and co-founder of Flickr and Hunch Caterina Fake, quoted in Inc magazineContinue reading ““Unpainted Wooden Toys””