Haruka Matsumoto competes at NHK!!

Very exciting news here, folks! About a week ago I submitted a new music video for an NHK contest featuring my character “Haruka Matsumoto”. I came home tonight and found out it’s been accepted! Haruka’s song “Kanashii Uta” (A Sad Song) is competing in NHK’s “We Love Japanese Songs!” Haruka was the winner of TheContinue reading “Haruka Matsumoto competes at NHK!!”

Memory of a sci-fi film strip

When I was in middle school (late 70s), my class watched a series of film strips about the science fiction genre. Two strips discussed the genre in general, one was a reading of Ray Bradbury’s “Night Meeting” with original artwork (kind of psychedelic), and one was a reading of the first chapter of Aldous Huxley’sContinue reading “Memory of a sci-fi film strip”