Costumes and Wigs on the Floor

“I can’t focus withour order, because once I start working, it’s a total mess in [my studio].  I throw cosumes and wigs on the floor because I want to see everything. I’ll try things on and go through each box until something clicks.” –Artist Cindy Sherman, interviewed in the March 2012 edition of W magazine,Continue reading “Costumes and Wigs on the Floor”

Curiosity doesn’t kill cashiers

One day, while I was training a cashier at the same drug store chain, she made a common beginner’s mistake. I said, “Let me show you what went wrong.” She said, “No, just tell me what button to push or who to call.” “But it’s very simple; if I show you what went wrong, you’llContinue reading “Curiosity doesn’t kill cashiers”