Spite and malice, Siouxsie-style

INTERVIEWER In the last ten years of your existence, you’ve had to endure a lot of criticism. How do you deal with that? Is it something you learned to live with? SIOUXSIE No, I think partly why we’ve lasted for ten years is pure spite. If you think about being a better adversary than yourContinue reading “Spite and malice, Siouxsie-style”

Exploiting Other People’s Pain and Suffering

“Well, part of me says, ‘I don’t care.’  This is a moral issue.  If you have people working for you who cannot make enough money to live on, you don’t have much of a business plan.  Your business is really exploiting other people’s pain and suffering.” Writer and columnist Barbara Ehrenreich, quoted in Time magazineContinue reading “Exploiting Other People’s Pain and Suffering”