R.I.P., Macintosh Performa 636CD

Finally, I got rid of my old Macintosh Performa 636CD, which I bought in the mid-1990s. On it I had Mark of the Unicorn’s Perfomer software, version 5.5. With Performer I recorded all of my albums beginning with 1994’s Oleanders through 2010’s Swing ‘n’ Swive (The Jogovision Song Contest 2011 was recorded with Cakewalk). TheContinue reading “R.I.P., Macintosh Performa 636CD”

“Unbounded imagination and invention on display.”

I quote the following review of Super Mario Galaxy by Thomas L. McDonald, from the May 2008 issue of Games magazine, because it explains why I prefer games like the Mario Kart series, the Bit Generations series, Theta, Electroplankton, and Ninja Town. The quotation below is a slightly different version I found online than whatContinue reading ““Unbounded imagination and invention on display.””