Spite and malice, Siouxsie-style

INTERVIEWER In the last ten years of your existence, you’ve had to endure a lot of criticism. How do you deal with that? Is it something you learned to live with?
SIOUXSIE No, I think partly why we’ve lasted for ten years is pure spite. If you think about being a better adversary than your enemies I think that keeps you going.
INTERVIEWER Well, you’re still here. You’ve had your jubilee year of ten years last year. What’s your secret?
SIOUXSIE I think I just talked about that–I’m just malicious!

Oh, that Siouxsie. So shy, so modest, so demure! LOL This is an excerpt from a TV interview about the time Siouxsie and The Banshees released Through The Looking Glass.

One of the reasons I’ve always admired her is her absolute fearlessness. No mere female decoration for a band is she! Whenever I find myself doubting myself or my goals, I ask, “What would Siouxsie do?” (or should that be “dioux”?)

In another interview, she said:

SIOUXSIE I remember wanting to come across as all-powerful and I wanted to kind of make it painful for people.

But I never had the impression she was a destructive (or self-destructive) troublemaker–she simply refused to play by anyone else’s rules or live up to anyone else’s expectations. Thank you, Siouxsie!

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