The Wonder 3 / ワンダー3

I’ve never heard of Osamu Tezuka’s The Wonder 3 (aka The Amazing 3) before, but it seems to be one of the better animated series to come out of Japan in the 1960s. The animation and character design are more sophisticated, the characters have more depth to them, the storytelling is entertaining and crisp, and there’s even aContinue reading “The Wonder 3 / ワンダー3”

Hashimoto-San cartoon

I love Hashimoto-San.  Despite the fact the characters behave and speak in a slightly stereotypical manner, the series was created by Japanese-born Bob Kuwahara for Terrytoons.  Obviously he went to the trouble of making sure the Japanese cultural aspects were correct–Kuwahara didn’t randomly blend different Asian cultures and the characters have real Japanese names.  Kudos!