The variety in pop music on Egyptian radio

I have begun working on an Arabic-style pop song–I wanted to write something not too traditional but not too Western-sounding, either.  I began by looking at Middle Eastern scales; not microtonal ones, but ones like the Phrygian dominant (e.g., C Db E F G Ab Bb C), similar to the Hijaz-Nahawand maqam in Arabic music.  I then wentContinue reading “The variety in pop music on Egyptian radio”

“How cravenly we ourselves court approval”

In America people post a video of themselves whistling “Free Bird” in a tutu and they’re heartbroken if they’re not immediately invited on The View.  It’s different in Japan, though.  There, they haven’t yet cottoned to the idea that the whole point of the Internet is not only that it might make you famous andContinue reading ““How cravenly we ourselves court approval””