My choices for Eurovision 2015

It’s difficult to compare songs. If one song has a catchy tune but insipid words, while another has profound lyrics and a boring melody, which one is better? If a great song is sung poorly or a mediocre song has some amazing arrangements, which one is better? My mood can even affect the comparison: oneContinue reading “My choices for Eurovision 2015”

Eurovision Song Contest 2011

I never did post my choices for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest to my blog, only my Twitter account, and then only my top 5 (instead of my usual 10), so here they are: Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 Switzerland “In Love for a While”, Anna Rossinelli 25 2 Serbia “Čaroban”, NinaContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 2011”

Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #1

I must say, I was a little underwhelmed with the first semifinal. Too many soundalike ballads and too many songs that sounded like last year’s winner (“Euphoria” by Loreen)–nothing really blew me away. I also didn’t care for all the special effects trickery–like trying to make a live concert look like a music video (forContinue reading “Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #1”