Music from Ireland / Ceol ó Éirinn

In celebration of St. Patrick’s today, here are ten songs from Ireland (in no particular order). 1. Terminal 3 by Linda Martin (Eurovision 1984) 2. Never Get Old by Sinéad O’Connor 3. Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair dom do laimh by Planxty 4. Gathering Mushrooms by Clannad 5. Waiting For An Alibi by Thin Lizzy 6. Jiggery Pokery byContinue reading “Music from Ireland / Ceol ó Éirinn”

Eurovision Song Contest 1992

Here are my choices for best songs at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Malmö, Sweden on May 9. Except for the winning entry from Ireland, I had not heard any of these songs until now. My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 Greece “Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida”, CleopatraContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1992”

Eurovision Song Contest 1984

Here are my choices for the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest; I’d only heard the entry from Sweden before watching the entire contest online. My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 Turkey “Halay”, Beş Yıl Önce, On Yıl Sonra 12 2 Ireland “Terminal 3”, Linda Martin 2 3 Portugal “Silêncio e Tanta Gente”, MariaContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1984”