Eurovision Song Contest 1969

Here are my choices for best songs at the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, which I watched with @Dixenborg and @Eurovisually; I’d heard the four winners before but not the other songs. My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking 1 France “Un jour, un enfant”, Frida Boccara 1 (tie) 2 Switzerland “Bonjour, bonjour”, Paola DelContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1969”

Eurovision Song Contest 1967

My plan for watching every Eurovision Song Contest was to start at 1980 (because I had seen 1977-1979 while living in England), work my way forward to 2010 (because I began watching Eurovision again in 2011), go back and review 1977-1979, then work my way backwards to the first contest in 1956. However, yesterday IContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1967”