New Perfume Album: “JPN”

My favorite Japanese girl group, Perfume, has finally released a new album!  It’s called “JPN”, and features the singles “Fushizen na Girl”, “Voice”, “Nee”, “Laser Beam”, “Spice” … but not “Fake It”, alas!  Can’t wait to get this. I really like producer/songwriter Yasutaka Nakata’s pristine production style. The album debuted at #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts.

“Ubiquitous” computer

Most of this is in Japanese, but a man does explain the basic concept in English: a computer that learns from you how to perform, rather than the user learning to use the computer. I’d like to know, though:

  • How well does the projector work in a very brightly lit room?
  • Is the phone function essentially a speakerphone? Obviously the banana isn’t a phone. Are there speakers and mics in the room?
  • And if the phone function is indeed a speakerphone, there is no need to hold the banana like you’re talking on a phone–can the computer be trained to recognize some other action to initiate a phone call? For example, tapping your ear twice.

Creative Japan

Just a short list of some of my favorite current Japanese creative types, in no particular order:

Toshio Iwai (multimedia artist)
Miyuki Nakajima (singer and songwriter)
UA (singer)
Hitoshi Matsumoto (actor, director, comedian)
Yasutaka Nakata (music producer)
Tomoko Sawada (photographer)
Cornelius (musician)
Tadao Ando (architect)
Akiko Wada (actress and singer)
PLUS heads Inc (animation studio)