“I don’t think there’s such a thing as composition in pop music. I think what [songwriters] do in pop music is collate. It’s like folk music. It makes copyright a bit interesting and difficult. I’m a good collator.”  –Sting, in Time magazine, November 21, 2011 issue

Creative Japan

Just a short list of some of my favorite current Japanese creative types, in no particular order:

Toshio Iwai (multimedia artist)
Miyuki Nakajima (singer and songwriter)
UA (singer)
Hitoshi Matsumoto (actor, director, comedian)
Yasutaka Nakata (music producer)
Tomoko Sawada (photographer)
Cornelius (musician)
Tadao Ando (architect)
Akiko Wada (actress and singer)
PLUS heads Inc (animation studio)