Eurovision 2015 / Semifinals 1 and 2

About a week ago, I posted my top twelve choices for Eurovision 2015 based on either their studio recordings or their performances in their respective countries’ national finals. The funny thing about watching the songs in the semifinals is that some songs that sounded great in the studio fell flat onstage (often due to theContinue reading “Eurovision 2015 / Semifinals 1 and 2”

My choices for Eurovision 2015

It’s difficult to compare songs. If one song has a catchy tune but insipid words, while another has profound lyrics and a boring melody, which one is better? If a great song is sung poorly or a mediocre song has some amazing arrangements, which one is better? My mood can even affect the comparison: oneContinue reading “My choices for Eurovision 2015”

If America entered Eurovision

What would happen if The United States of America suddenly found itself eligible to compete in The Eurovision Song Contest? 1. With 50 states and assorted territories, there would have to be semi-finals. 2. Alaska and Hawaii would never make it past the semi-finals because they have no neighbors to vote for them. 3. SomeContinue reading “If America entered Eurovision”