Music from Ireland / Ceol ó Éirinn

In celebration of St. Patrick’s today, here are ten songs from Ireland (in no particular order). 1. Terminal 3 by Linda Martin (Eurovision 1984) 2. Never Get Old by Sinéad O’Connor 3. Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair dom do laimh by Planxty 4. Gathering Mushrooms by Clannad 5. Waiting For An Alibi by Thin Lizzy 6. Jiggery Pokery byContinue reading “Music from Ireland / Ceol ó Éirinn”

New Music from Japan — March 2015

Artist: Kenji Takaoka Location: Tokyo 東京 Soundcloud Title: ペンシルロケット (Pencil Rocket) Genre: pop Toshihisa Yamada Location: Osaka 大阪 Soundcloud / Twitter Title: Sound Diary 2015.3.8 Genre: piano Artist: Kiyomitsu Miyashita Location: Tokyo 東京 Soundcloud Title: Cookies Ear Genre: electronic Artist: DJ mijinko3 Location: Tokyo 東京 Soundcloud Title: 夜明け-dawndaybreak- Genre: piano Artist: Mion Location: Sendai 仙台Continue reading “New Music from Japan — March 2015”

My first SVG website

I recently discovered Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG for short.  For the non-web-developers out there, SVG is a way to create shapes or images on a webpage without having to use jpgs or gifs.  SVG allows developers to describe these shapes mathematically; it is not unlike plotting points on a Cartesian coordinate system in math. Continue reading “My first SVG website”