New Music from Japan – January 2015

Artist: Himuro Yoshiteru

Location: Tokyo 東京
Title: Beats Log 20150114
Genre: electronic

Artist: OYMS + Kyosuke Takayasu (Totokoko label)

Location (of Totokoko): Saitama さいたま
Soundcloud / Twitter
Title: Inside of a Wind
Genre: pop
Free Download

Artist: Hizmi (Bunkai-kei label)

Location (of Bunkai-kei): Tokyo 東京
Soundcloud / Twitter
Title: Nue
Genre: electronic
Free Download

Artist: Hidekazu Wakabayashi

Location: Osaka 大阪
Soundcloud / Twitter
Title: No Coward Soul is Minë
Genre: microtuned piano
Video (YouTube)

Artist: Ryuei Kotoge

Location: Kobe 神戸
Soundcloud / Twitter
Title: Life
Genre: electronic

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