Tootin’ my own horn, Eurovision style!

I’m going to toot my own horn here. My good friend Dan in Los Angeles sent me an article from today’s (Jan 13, 2015) Los Angeles Times, written by Todd Martens. It’s a review of the new Belle and Sebastian album, Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance:

Belle and Sebastian tinkered with multiple sonic experiments before recording the album. Early in the process, (singer-songwriter Stuart) Murdoch theorized that each song should represent different countries’ entries into the Eurovision Song contest, circa the mid-’70s. The slightly ABBA-esque Scandinavian lilt of “Play for Today” hints at that concept, but the idea was eventually abandoned.

I’d just like to say that great minds think alike, because yours truly did exactly that when I did my Jogovision Song Contest in 2011: I wrote songs for different countries, some of which wouldn’t sound out of place in a 1970s era Eurovision Song Contest, such as the Russian entry, which was inspired in part by Finland’s 1977 entry. And that’s why Dan sent me that article. Thanks, Dan!

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