Busy day here. Got up, made breakfast, showered. Shot some photos of myself for a project, which included several wardrobe changes. I put on black eye liner on my lower lids for some of the photos.

Prepped to shoot scenes of Haruka Matsumoto, the winner of Jogovision 2011. Usually if I do makeup for a female character, it’s just liner and lipstick, but to “flatten” my face to make me look more Japanese (I’m actually half-Japanese but don’t really look it), I had to line my lids in white eye liner and cover most of my face in powder, so had to take off the black eye liner first. Filmed Haruka’s scenes and had lunch.

Got ready for the next shoot, using a new character. I decided to try covering my eyebrows (the old glue stick trick) just to look a little different. Man, I barely recognized the eyebrow-less guy staring back at me in the mirror. Had to remove Haruka’s makeup and put on foundation and powder and nail polish and so on. Filmed all those scenes. Then filmed another set of scenes with my friend Gary playing a small role.

Finally jumped in the shower when I was done. It took a while but the hot water finally melted the glue off my eyebrows. My face, having been made up and washed so many times today, felt raw, like I had a sunburn. I slathered on a thick coat of skin moisturizer on my face and an equally thick coat of lip balm on my lips. Had dinner with Gary and another friend, Garren. Came home. Gotta clean up the mess from all the shoots today, then will hit the sack. Good productive day, but exhausting.


Hard to believe this is the same person, eh?  Left:  me with eyebrows covered.  Right:  Haruka Matsumoto.