Here are my choices for the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest; I’d only heard the entry from Ireland before watching the entire contest online.

My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking
1 Finland “Sata salamaa”, Vicky Rosti & Boulevard 15
2 Iceland “Hægt og hljótt”, Halla Margrét 16
3 Denmark “En lille melodi”, Anne-Cathrine Herdorf & Bandjo 5 (tie)
4 France “Les mots d’amour n’ont pas de dimanche”, Christine Minier 14
5 Israel “Shir Habatlanim”, Datner & Kushnir 8
6 Spain “No estás solo”, Patricia Kraus 19
7 Germany “Lass die Sonne in dein Herz”, Wind 2
8 Sweden “Boogaloo”, Lotte Engberg 12
9 Cyprus “Aspro Mavro”, Alexia 7
10 Netherlands “Rechtop in de wind”, Marcha 5 (tie)

For the first time, Cyprus and Greece began their tradition of (almost) always awarding each other 12 points.