Master list of Eurovision Song Contest reviews

I discovered the Eurovision Song Contest while my family was living in England; we watched the 1977, 1978, and 1979 contests. After returning to America, I pretty much forgot all about Eurovision until I read an article about it in the June 2010 issue of The New Yorker. I began watching it again in 2011 and onwards, making a total of seven contests I’ve seen as they happened live (as of June 11, 2014).

I’ve made it my goal to watch every Eurovision Song Contest (or, at least, listen to every song) and to rank my favorites. I’ve decided to start with 1980 (where I left off after 1979) and work my way forward to 2010, then go back to 1979 (need to review the three contests I saw in England, for I’ve forgotten most of the songs) then go backward to 1956. Below is a master list of my favorite songs from each year, with a link to the corresponding blog page.

Year Country, Song, Artist
2014 Georgia, “Three Minutes to Earth“, The Shin and Mariko
(final: Hungary, “Running”, András Kállay-Saunders)
2013 Netherlands, “Birds”, Anouk
2012 Sweden, “Euphoria”, Loreen
2011 Switzerland, “In Love For A While”, Anna Rossinelli
1998 Netherlands, “Hemel en aarde”, Edsilia
1994 France, “Je suis un vrai garçon”, Nina Morato
1993 Denmark, “Under stjernerne på himlen”, Tommy Seebach Band
1992 Greece, “Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida”, Cleopatra
1991 France, “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison”, Amina
1990 France, “White and Black Blues”, Joëlle Ursull
1989 Italy, “Avrei voluto”, Anna Oxa & Fausto Leali
1988 Belgium, “Laissez briller le soleil”, Reynaert
1987 Finland, “Sata Salamaa”, Vicky Rosti & Boulevard
1986 Netherlands, “Alles heeft ritme”, Frizzle Sizzle
1985 Germany, “Für alle”, Wind
1984 Turkey, “Halay”, Beş Yıl Önce, On Yıl Sonra
1983 Luxembourg, “Si La Vie Est Cadeau”, Corinne Hermès
1982 Germany, “Ein bißchen Frieden”, Nicole
1981 Portugal, “Playback”, Carlos Paião
1980 Netherlands, “Amsterdam”, Maggie MacNeal
1979 France, “Je suis l’enfant soleil”, Anne-Marie David
1975 Turkey, “Seninle Bir Dakika”, Semiha Yankı
1969 France, “Un jour, un enfant”, Frida Boccara
1967 Monaco, “Boum-Badaboum”, Minouche Barelli
1963 Sweden, “En gång i Stockholm”, Monica Zetterlund

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