Eurovision Song Contest 1983

Here are my choices for the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest; I’d only heard the entry from Luxembourg before watching the entire contest online, and brief excerpts from the Spanish and Turkish entries.

My Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision Final Ranking
1 Luxembourg “Si La Vie Est Cadeau”, Corinne Hermès 1
2 Israel “Hi”, Ofra Haza 2
3 Netherlands “Sing Me A Song”, Bernadette 7
4 Switzerland “Io così non ci sto”, Mariella Farré 15
5 France “Vivre”, Guy Bonnet 8
6 Spain “¿Quién maneja mi barca?”, Remedios Amaya 19 (tied)
7 Belgium “Rendez-vous”, Pas de Deux 18
8 Finland “Fantasiaa”, Ami Aspelund 11 (tied)
9 Cyprus “I Agapi Akoma Zi” , Stavros & Constantina 16
10 Italy “Per Lucia”, Riccardo Fogli 11 (tied)

The audience seemed particularly enthusiastic this year! I know Spain’s entry got a lot of flack (in fact, it scored the dreaded “nul points”) but besides the fact I enjoy traditional music from around the world, that bass line just grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go! Belgium’s entry seemed at first listen like a lot of nothing: the singers sing the same line over and over and the orchestra did most of the work. But I challenge my readers to listen again more carefully; besides sounding more contemporary than most of the other songs in the contest that year, “Rendez-vous” manages to blend minimalism with a funky orchestral arrangement. A song like this wouldn’t have seemed out of place on MTV back in 1983.

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