Eurovision Song Contest 1981

I’m determined to watch every Eurovision Song Contest! So here are my choices for best songs from the 1981 contest. I’d only heard Germany and United Kingdom’s entries before.

Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision
Final Ranking
1 Portugal “Playback”, Carlos Paião 18
2 Switzerland “Io senza te”, Peter, Sue and Marc 4
3 Germany “Johnny Blue”, Lena Valaitis 2
4 Yugoslavia “Lejla”, Seid Memić (Vajta) 15
5 Netherlands “Het is een Wonder”, Linda Williams 9
6 United Kingdom “Making Your Mind Up”, Bucks Fizz 1
7 Sweden “Fångad i en dröm”, Björn Skifs 10
8 France “Humanahum”, Jean Gabilou 3
9 Luxembourg C’est peut-être pas l’Amérique, Jean-Claude Pascal 11 (tied)
10 Finland “Reggae OK”, Riki Sorsa 16

Cyprus made its debut in this contest. Greece began its long tradition of giving 12 points to Cyprus, but Cyprus only gave 6 to Greece, while awarding 12 points to Ireland. And speaking of Ireland, while there have been some great Eurovision songs out of Ireland, “Horoscopes” was most definitely not one of them–the song sounds like something out of a bad variety show, and the lyrics were clumsy and forced:

“Virgos and Arians

Leos, Aquarians

Pisces, Cancerians show

No matter when we’re born

Libra or Capricorn

Taureans and Scorpions know

Throw away almanacs, signs of the Zodiac

Then there is sense to be found

They are celestial, we are terrestrial

Let’s keep our feet on the ground”

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