Eurovision Song Contest 1980

I lived in England from 1976 to 1979, and saw the 1977, 1978, and 1979 Eurovision Song Contests. I didn’t watch the contest again until 2011, and have watched it ever since. I decided to watch the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest to “pick up where I had left off” when I left England. I had only heard three of the songs before: Morocco’s, Ireland’s, and Belgium’s. After watching the contest, these were my choices for ten best songs that year:

Rank Country Title, Artist Eurovision
Final Ranking
1 Netherlands “Amsterdam”, Maggie MacNeal 5
2 Ireland “What’s Another Year”, Johnny Logan 1
3 Spain “Quédate Esta Noche”, Trigo Limpio 12
4 Morocco “Bitaqat Khub”, Samira Bensaïd 18
5 Sweden “Just Nu!”, Tomas Ledin 10
6 Greece “Autostop”, Anna Vissi and the Epikouri 13
7 France “Hé, Hé, M’sieurs Dames”, Profil 11
8 United Kingdom “Love Enough For Two”, Prima Donna 3
9 Germany “Theater”, Katja Ebstein 2
10 Turkey “Petr’Oil“, Ajda Pekkan 15

With the possibility that Israel might not participate in 2015, could we see the return of Morocco or the debut of another Arab nation that falls within the European Broadcasting Area, such as Iraq, Egypt, or Lebanon?

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