Yesterday, I was in a store in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) and saw they had a small bin of CDs marked down to only $3. Being the adventurous type, I dug through them and picked out a couple which looked interesting, although I had no idea who the artists were, the style of music, or how good it would be. One of them was this one:


The title is シティ・ポップス・ビッグ4 (“City Pops Big 4”), and the “Big 4” consists of Masayoshi Takanaka (高中正義), Takashi Sato (佐藤隆), Yasuhiro Suzuki (鈴木康博), and Yasuhiro Abe (安部恭弘). This CD turned out to be a collection of some “so bad it’s good” cheesy eighties adult contemporary songs. But what gave me a good laugh were these English lyrics from track 1, 渚・モデラート (“Nagisa Moderato”). In the bridge, a woman sings:

Over and over, crazy lover
Over and over
Dear little lover, undercover
This is your mother
Put on my make-up, never break up

I’m going to guess the lyricist probably meant “mama” (as in “red hot mama”), but using “mother” just gives the song a creepy Norman Bates-vibe to it.  Yuck!