Despite the absence of Israel and San Marino, I enjoyed the final. The biggest surprise was that the two songs I detested the most in the semifinals–Lithuania and Ukraine–weren’t so bad the second time I heard them. In fact, I put Ukraine into my top five! Compared to previous years, while this year didn’t have any real turkeys, there weren’t any songs that really made me say “WOW! That’s amazing!” I hope there is more variety next year. Here are my top five choices, in order:

My Rank Contest Rank Country Title, Artist
1 9 The Netherlands “Birds”, Anouk
2 24 Finland “Marry Me”, Krista Siegfrids
3 1 Denmark “Only Teardrops”, Emmilie de Forest
4 3 Ukraine “Gravity”, Zlata Ognevich
5 12 Belgium “Love Kills”, Roberto Bellarosa

See you next year in Denmark!