To celebrate completing my 48th revolution around the sun, I had to geek out and figure out how old I’d be on the other planets in our solar system.

Mercury 199 years (I would be both dead and sunburned to a crisp!)
Venus 78 years (enjoying my senior discount!)
Mars 25 years (old enough to drink!)
Jupiter 4 years (ready for kindergarten!)
Saturn 18 months (just starting to speak!)
Uranus 7 months (almost ready to crawl!)
Neptune 15 weeks (I can roll over; do not leave me unattended on a bed!)
Pluto* 10 weeks (starting to recognize faces!)

*Let’s not debate whether or not Pluto is a planet; I could’ve just as easily used Ceres or Eris.

Overall, however, I think I’m happy to be 48!