Eurovision 2013 – Final

Despite the absence of Israel and San Marino, I enjoyed the final. The biggest surprise was that the two songs I detested the most in the semifinals–Lithuania and Ukraine–weren’t so bad the second time I heard them. In fact, I put Ukraine into my top five! Compared to previous years, while this year didn’t haveContinue reading “Eurovision 2013 – Final”

Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #2

The second semifinal of Eurovision 2013 was better than the first–there weren’t any songs that made me cringe! It also looked like they toned down some of the camera tricks. Alas, my top two favorite songs (Israel and San Marino) did not make it to the final, for which I’m very disappointed. The singer fromContinue reading “Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #2”

Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #1

I must say, I was a little underwhelmed with the first semifinal. Too many soundalike ballads and too many songs that sounded like last year’s winner (“Euphoria” by Loreen)–nothing really blew me away. I also didn’t care for all the special effects trickery–like trying to make a live concert look like a music video (forContinue reading “Eurovision 2013 – Semifinal #1”

I’m 10 weeks old–on Pluto!

To celebrate completing my 48th revolution around the sun, I had to geek out and figure out how old I’d be on the other planets in our solar system. Mercury 199 years (I would be both dead and sunburned to a crisp!) Venus 78 years (enjoying my senior discount!) Mars 25 years (old enough toContinue reading “I’m 10 weeks old–on Pluto!”