While watching this video about Tsutaya Books online at Monocle.com

… I wondered if it was the same bookstore to which I went when I visited Osaka in 2008.  I looked it up and no, the store I went to was Book1st. Book1st was a three-story bookstore, just around the corner from Osaka Station in Umeda.  On my first visit there I noticed they kept back issues in the magazine section, which enabled me to stock up on issues of Tokyo Graffiti, which is hard to find here in the States, even in Little Tokyo’s Kinokuniya Books in Los Angeles.  I made two more trips to Book1st: once on my final day in Osaka to stock up on books and magazines (knowing it would be my last trip to Japan in a while) and once just to chill in the coffeeshop, which overlooked the busy street below.  There was a woman seated next to me with a stack of papers, busily cutting and pasting them into a large scrapbook.  I nearly asked her what she was working on, but she was working so intently I decided not to interrupt.

Definitely, though, the next time I’m in Japan, I’m going to check out Tsutaya!