Exciting news, everyone! I received two emails from NHK World, about Haruka Matsumoto’s video (“Kanashii Uta”), which was featured on NHK World’s recent “We Love Japanese Songs! 2013” earlier this month. I was informed that Haruka’s song is featured on NHK World Radio Japan’s broadcast (hosted by Michelle Yamamoto and Jeff Otto) and can be heard online here. Here is a transcript of Haruka’s section, beginning at 4:30 in the broadcast:

MICHELLE: Next on our playlist is an original composition by Haruka Matsumoto of the United States [song starts; Michelle continues speaking over the song intro]. This song, in the traditional style of kayōkyoku, or “Japanese oldies”, expresses the sorrow of losing a beloved cat [song continues through first chorus, then fades out].

JEFF: Well, I will have to tell you that i have lost a cat, so I can feel the words. And I just learned that Haruka is actually a male, which is usually a female name.

MICHELLE: And don’t miss Haruka Matsumoto’s video on our website [Joe’s note: viewable there through February]. You will see that in addition to composing the music and lyrics, he also made his own costume. That’s what you call a total performance!

Needless to say, I am excited and happy beyond belief at this news! Thanks to Maiko Yamamoto, Supriti, Michelle Yamamoto, Jeff Otto, Yasuko Tsuda, and everyone at NHK World! どうもありがとう!