Eurovision Song Contest 2012 FINAL

Just finished watching the final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest broadcast from Baku, Azerbaijan. Great show, great production, lots of good songs and goodwill. For the first time, my top choice matched the actual winner! My top ten favorite songs were: Country My Rank ESC Rank Sweden 1 1 Moldova 2 11 Turkey 3Continue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 2012 FINAL”

A Ukrainian by any other … color?

When I first heard “Be My Guest”, sung by Ukrainian singer Gaitana at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 second semifinal, I thought it sounded like something you’d hear at a gay pride festival, and I mean that kindly. Not only did the song have a boppin’ dance beat to it and the singer sounded aContinue reading “A Ukrainian by any other … color?”

My first keyboard (Happy Birthday, Mr. Moog!)

Today is Robert Moog’s birthday (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005); he was an electronic music pioneer and inventor of the Moog synthesizer. My first keyboard was a Realistic Concertmate MG-1, built my Moog Music but sold by Radio Shack under their Realistic brand name in the early 1980s. Mine cost around $260 andContinue reading “My first keyboard (Happy Birthday, Mr. Moog!)”

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

CORRECTION: ESC 2012 begins at 21:00 Central European Time, which is noon, California time, and not Baku Time as I originally said. My apologies! In just under 25 hours, the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will begin in Baku, Azerbaijan! First semi-final on Tuesday May 22, second semi-final on Thursday May 24, and the final onContinue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 2012”